Want to shop early? Earn a higher percentage of your sales?

Team Members shop first!

Team Members get to shop before the general public and you will be getting first pick from the best of the best. Team Member shopping will be Sunday, Sept. 15th.

Team Member Incentives by Shift

Email questions to monroemunchkinmarket@gmail.com
Please include your full name and consignor number to your email.

Types of Work shifts Available

Some people want to be team members to shop early and some want to make more cash … you get BOTH being a team member at Munchkin Market.

Four hour working shifts are fun and easy! These shifts are during drop off before the sale, during the sale, or help close out the end of sale. You can pick one or four shifts to get in the door first! Remember… team members who help 3 or 4 shifts earn 75% of total sales.

Snack/Supply shifts are available one per team members who want a DOUBLE Pre-Sale pass. To receive a DOUBLE PASS, you must work one 4 hour shift in addition to signing up for ONE snack/supply shift. Please note that you do not have to do a snack shift this is just for team members who want to get an extra shift in without putting in the extra hours. Because supply shifts are limited you may only sign up for ONE snack/supply shift.

Table shifts (bringing tables) counts just like a snack shift. You can only have one of these plus one or more working shift. This is an easy way to bump up your shopping time but the manpower is what we really need to make our sale work. Please have your tables labeled all with the same name when dropping tables up. Pick up tables on pick up day Sunday 22nd from 12-2.



Double Shifts

Sign up for a double shift or pick two shifts back-to-back! We have snacks and water for our team members! Knock it all out at one time to be able to earn more money and shop earlier.

Husband Shifts

Sign your husband up to work one of the designated husband shifts and earn a team member pass for you!

Saturday Sorter Special

People who help Saturday afternoon will help us sort out the clothes for pickup on Sunday. If you sign up for this shift you will get a DOUBLE shift presale pass. The sorter time is from 2 until.  You may be there 5 hours or it might be 7 it just depends on how much stuff we have to sort. If we have enough team members at this time slot we could get done quickly.


About No Shows

Failure to show up for your shift without notice to us will result in a loss of $40 out of profit check so we can hire someone to fill your shift. Also, team members who do not show up will be blocked to help for the next sale.

About Team Member Presales

Pass Pickup

To shop the team member presale on Sunday, you need to pick up your presale pass when you drop off your items. We will have the passes available during consignor drop off times.  Team Members will get to shop the best of the best!

One Admission per Pass

Only one person per team member and consignor pass – no husbands, mothers, children, etc. will be permitted to attend the team member or consignor presale without a pass. Consignors who do not help during a shift will receive one pass for the consignor presale that begins at 3:00 PM on Sunday

No Children at Presale Night

Due to limited space please no babies, children or strollers during any presales. There are no exceptions to this policy. We will open to the public Tuesday, September 17th and babies, children and strollers will be allowed when open to public.